The target groups of short term excursions are foreigners who work in Georgia. You can relax after the tiresome and tense days and spend your week-end pleasantly and interestingly. These excursions are the best ways for you to better get acquainted with Georgia, its places of interest, old culture and traditions, enjoy the fresh air of mountains and gentle murmur of brooks, hike and ride in the wilderness of nature.

   Have trips in Georgia on week-ends and let us pamper you.


 We offer you various interesting week-end tours in different regions of Georgia.





Kakheti. 2 days

Day 1. Leaving for semi-desert Davit Gareja near the Azerbaidjan border. Visiting Davit Gareja Monastery and walking on the narrow path (approximately 45 minutes) leading to the monastery carved in cliffs. After visiting wonderful painting of the monastery and Gareja great steppes we will leave for Bodbe St. Nino’s Monastery.. A night’s stay in Telavi.

Day 2. After sightseeing in Telavi we will visit the grand churches of Kakheti -Shuamta, Alaverdi, Gremi, Ikalto. Return to Tbilisi.

                                                                                            Tour price: -





Kakheti. 1 day.

Leaving for Nekresi monastery complex, visiting one of the oldest churches of Georgia (IV c.). A traditional supper in the village of Tsinandali. Leaving for Tbilisi.


                                                                                              Tour price: -





Kartli. 1 day.

Leaving for the old capital of Georgia – Mtskheta. Our program includes visiting the places of interest that are in the list of cultural heritage protected by UNESCO; these are Jvari Monastery (VI c.), Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (X c.), Shio Mghvime Monastery (VI c.). Leaving for the town Uplistsikhe, carved in cliffs of pre-Christianity era (II c.). Returning to Tbilisi.

                                                                                              Tour price: ,-




Kartli-Bolnisi-Dmanisi. 1 day.

Today we are leaving for Bolnisi and visit Sioni Church, that is known for its oldest manuscript in Georgian. Next we will see the settlement of the middle ages – Dmanisi, where the 1.75 mln. years scull of the first European was found. We will visit archeological museum of Dmanisi. Leaving for Tbilisi.

                                                                                             Tour price: -






Kartli - Samtskhe-Javakheti. 2 days.

Day 1. Today our program includes visiting the ancient capital of Georgia – Mtskheta, with its Jvari Monastery, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Shio Mghvime Monastery. After a noon’s short rest we will visit Kintsvisi Church with its unique frescoes and Samtavisi with its classical eastern façade. A night’s stay in Borjomi.

Day 2. Today we will take you to Vardzia – a town (XII c.) carved in cliffs with 3 thousand cave-rooms. You will enjoy picturesque views of the town. Returning to Tbilsi.

                                                                                                Tour price: -




Imereti 2 days.

Day 1. We will, visit Imereti - the most beautiful region of Georgia that is a part of Kolchi land of pre-Christianity era. You will see an impressive town of Uplistsikhe carved in cliffs (II c.), Ubisa Church (IX c.) and after the noon we will arrive to the oldest town of Imereti – Kutaisi. A night’s stay in Kutaisi.

Day 2. Today you will visit the places of interest of Kutaisi: Gelati Monastery (XII c.), Bagrati Cathedral (X-XI c.c.), as well as, Motsameta Church (XI c.) and a natural reserve Sataphlia, with its picturesque views of mountains. Here you also can see steps of dinosaurs. Returning to Tbilisi.

                                                                                                 Tour price: -









Racha. 2 days.

Day 1. Today you are invited to see the fascinating, primeval natural landscapes. After passing Likhi pass toward west, on our way to Ambrolauri we will visit fascinating Nikortsminda church (X-Xi c.) with its unique ornaments. A night’s stay in Ambrolauri.

Day 2. Hiking in the exciting nature of Racha. Visiting small the most beautiful villages. Return to Tbilisi in the evening.

                                                                                                 Tour price: ,-






Svaneti. 3 days.

Day 1. We are leaving for high mountainous region of Georgia, early in the morning. After a long way and breathtaking landscapes (with stopping places on the way) we will reach Mestia. A night’s stay in Mestia.

Day 2. Today we will take you to Ushguli (2400 m from the sea level) – the highest populated place in Europe. In a nice weather you will enjoy the view of Ushba. After hiking in the wild nature of Svaneti we will return back to Mestia.

Day 3. Visiting Mestia ethnographic museum where the pre-Christianity era valuable collection is kept. Return to Tbilisi






Khevi. 2 days.

Day 1.We are leaving towards Kasbegi, early in the morning. Our way toward Kazbegi fascinates us with its  landscapes of Chevi-Regions. We will visit Gergeta Trinity’s Cathedral (XIV c.) and will have an impressive view of Mkinvartsveri (glacier) in a nice weather. A night’s stay in Kasbegi.

Day 2.Tracking in Gveleti and Dariali most beautiful gorges. Return to Tbilisi.

                                                                                                     Tour price: -



Wine Tour (Kakheti) 2 days

Day 1. We will leave for Kakheti early in the morning. You will get acquainted with the unique history of the Georgian wine (by qualified tour guide). You will visit ‘Telavi Wine Celar’ (and wine companies ‘Teliani Valley’, ‘JVC’, ‘Badagoni’, on your request), where you will have an opportunity to taste the wines of local production from Kakheti, as well as from other regions of Georgia. There you will have a Kakhetian traditional supper with wine in one of the families Kakheti.

Day 2. After visiting Telavi you will leave for Kindzmarauli Zone. In Kvareli - a small town of Kakheti you will taste ‘Kindzmarauli’ (red dry)  – a wine of local production and will visit 8 kilometers  wine cellar. In Tsinandali you will see wine museum and hundred years alley. Leaving for Tbilisi in the evening.

                                                                                                       Tour price: ,-


Wine Tour (Racha) 2 days

Day 1. Leaving for Racha. On the way to Ambrolauri you will visit  Mtskheta -  the ancient capital of Georgia, Nikortsminda – a unique church (XI c). After the noon we will reach Ambrolauri. At Ambrolauri Wine Factory tasting of local Racha production wines (half sweet, as well as half-dry and dry) will take place. Night’s stay at Ambrolauri.

Day 2. We leave for Lechkhumi that is near region of Racha. On the way we will see the most beautiful villages (Khvanchkara, Bugeuli, Chrebalo) with houses on the slopes of mountains with vineyards. In the village of Chrebalo, Lechkhumi you  will taste unique wines of local production – Tvishi, Usakhelouri and Ojaleshi. Leaving back for Tbilisi.

                                                                                                   Tour price: -


Dates of Traveling: from May

Equipments: we advise to have ankle high camping boots for tracking in mountainous regions.

Price includes:

Hotel Accommodation:

Borjomi   Family hotel

Kutaisi Family hotel

Telavi Family hotel

      Mestia Family hotel

      Ambrolauri Family hotel


      Comfortable, micro-buses having climate control , qualified English-speaking tour guide, wine degustation,

meals: HB

Not included are:

Additional cost for separate room, Travelinsurance




Tour price for per person: After your inquire

Individual date: On your demand



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