Ancient Georgia


Georgia has got very old history, it is confirmed with archeological excavations, cave cities, old settlements and uncountable amount of collections of the pre-Christian periods. Georgia is located on a joint of Europe and Asia, on an old trading road, and a crossroads of great cultures. Traces of ancient cultures are found in the different territories of Georgia.

The purpose of this tour is to visit medieval ruins of the city of Dmanisi which is known for the skull found here (1,75million years old) and also to visit the antique ancient city of Vani (7-1centuries) village noteworthy with its collections.

Day 1. Arrival in Tbilisi. Transfer at the airport. An apartment at the hotel.


Day 2. Tbilisi-Mtskheta

We sightsee an old city of Tbilisi. We mount on fortress Narikala (4century). Then we attend sulfuric bath, an old caravan - shed and the great churches Sioni, Anchiskhati, Metekhi, Sameba and also the state museum which represents us noteworthy collections of the antique period (a gold lion 3century BC), a skull to which 1,75 million years old and etc.).Travel to Mtskheta, we will visit ancient capital of Georgia, the monuments which are under protection of UNESCO.


Day 3. Tbilisi - Bolnisi - Dmanisi - Tbilisi

Departure to the Southern region. After visiting the church of Bolnisi we visit the church in the ancient city of Dmanisi, we shall visit a national museum of the city which keeps significant collections. Departure to Tbilisi.


Day 4. Tbilisi - Kutaisi

We come to Kutaisi which is the second city among the big cities of Georgia and we visit its valuable cultural sights, we go to the mountain Sataplia in natural reserve, we visit a cave of Sataplia with stalactites and stalagmites, we may see there the traces of a dinosaur.


Day 5. Kutaisi - Vani - Batumi

Let's go to the antique ancient city of Vani. We will examine old settlements of the city and an archeological museum.

In the evening we will arrive on the Black Sea shore, to the city of Batumi.




Day 6. Batumi - Tbilisi

After walking through the city of Batumi we will visit city - fortress Gonio (2-11centuries). Departure in Tbilisi. A lodging for the night in Tbilisi.


Day 7. Tbilisi

Let's visit an ethnographic museum and a museum of arts. Then we shall take a walk by the Rustaveli Avenue and see there the modern architectural monuments. After midday you will have free time. We will meet at the local restaurant in the evening and we will take pleasure in the Georgian kitchen and in the folklore evening.


Day 8. Transfer to the airport. The flight from Tbilisi.


Dates of Traveling: from May

Equipments: we advise to have ankle high camping boots for tracking in mountainous regions.

Price includes:

Hotel Accommodation:

Tbilisi  ***Hotel

Kutaisi      family hotel



Arrival in and out bay the plain, meeting at the Airport , transportation in the country, qualified English-speaking tour guide,

comfortable, micro-buses having climate control, meals: FB.


Not included are:

Additional cost for separate room

Traveling insurance in case of refusal on traveling/Medical Insurance of the Foreign Country.


Tour price for per person: After your inquire

Individual date: On your demand



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