Regions of Georgia




GEORGIA - the country of the Gold Fleece


       “Sakartvelo” -as Georgians name their native country which amazes all with the three-thousand-year history, a rich cultural heritage and hospitable people.

        As the legend tells, during creation of the world the God has collected the finest dazzling heavenly color, pure, as a crystal air, abruptly going down slopes of mountains, deep sea gulfs and evergreen plants. He has saved all this property and has pressed to his heart and has directed to his domain, but here on mountains of Caucasus he has stumbled and has scattered all the aforesaid property. On this place there is Georgia.

     Its history commences with not investigated mythical times. More than 4000years ago B.C. on this place there was the most ancient culture.

      In accordance with the ancient Greek legend Jason and Argonauts have gone by the ship to ancient Colchis to search for the Gold Fleece and as Prometheus has been chained on high Caucasian mountains.

      Georgians belong to the most ancient people of the world. The human skull first in the Europe is found in village Dmanisi, which is 1,75 million years old.

      The Georgian language is one of the most ancient languages. It belongs to the family of languages of South Caucasus and since the fourth century it has got its writing. The first Georgian products are written in the 5th century of our era.

      Georgia is rich with the most beautiful and majestic nature. In the north there are the inviolable, enormous mountains of Caucasus which have risen to heavens, by the west there is the Black sea, legendary Pontus Eukseion, deserts and green steppes in the East and small Caucasian mountains in the south cost. One may ski in the morning and in the evening of the same day one may swim in the black sea.

     Churches and monasteries, towers, cities with caves are a lot in Georgia, which reflect the changeable history of our country, located between the Orient and Occident.

    Come to the country of the Gold fleece, and you will feel all beauty of its majestic nature.

The location: Georgia is at geographical breadth between 40 and 45. It approximately corresponds to geographical breadth of the middle Italy. It is between the Europe and Asia. From the north borders there is Russia, from the south - Turkey and Armenia, and from the east - Azerbaijan.

The area:            69,700 m2

The population: 5 million, 71 %-Georgians, 8 %-Armenians, 6 %-Azerbaijanians, 

                           5% Russians, 2% Greeks.

The native language: Georgian

Religion:                     Orthodox Christians, Catholics, Moslems, Gregorian, Jews (Israelites).

Capital:                      Tbilisi, 1,2 million inhabitants.

Currency:                   GEL        USD1 –GEL 1,68

                                                   EUR1 -GEL 2,25

Climate:                     The west – subtropics climate

                                   The east – dry climate

                                   The alpine edge starts from 2,100 m.

                                   But from 3,600 m there is constantly snow and  frost.

Important Cities:       Kutaisi 178,350 inhabitants, Batumi – 118,297 inhabitants,

Rustavi – 112,624 inhabitants, Zugdidi – 73,014 inhabitants,

Poti 46,112 inhabitants.

Mountains:                Shkhara 5086 m. Iangi-tou 5058m. Kazbegi 5047 m.

Rivers:                       Mtkvari 1515km (351 in Georgia).

                        Alazani 407 km (390 in Georgia).

Lakes:                        Faravani (38 km², 3,3 m of depth, on height of 2073m), Tabatskuri

                         (14 km², 40 m of depth, on height of 2000m),

                         Keli (1,3 km², 63 m of depth, on height of 2900 m),

                                    Ritsa (1,5 km², 101 m of depth, on height of 880 m).